Ban List - *Updated 12/02/2016*

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Ban List - *Updated 12/02/2016*

Post by MegaMav »

Unfortunately not everyone can play nice, and even disciplinary warnings sometimes do not work. Every non-spammer that is banned from the forum will be shown here as an example along with an explanation of why they were banned.

10/02/2011 - Billy - User has displayed a lack of respect for members, overwhelming number of abrasive and disrespectful posts, even prodding of members via the chat interface. A post warning was given, then a formal warning, then banning. This is our first banning on, and Billy should be an example of how not to act on our forums.

04/24/2013 - JoeBowler - User JoeBowler showed a lack of restraint on the forum, name calling, abusive behaviors, lack of respect for other members. He was given multiple chances to tone his behavior down including 2 warnings which were replied to in the following fashion:
JoeBowler wrote:Imagine that, you warning me. I should be warning you. You are the worst moderator I have ever seen. You have nothing to offer me except insults, bad advice, and suggestions to read wikis. You are clueless. Please delete my account.
11/03/2013 - Curious - JoeBowler signs back up but reverts back to the same abusive behavior toward members that disagree with his posts and antiquated methods. He posted the identity of someone who made a good quality counterpoint just to embarrass him in public. This information has been removed. It was inappropriate and will not tollerated. I will be immediately banning any account created similar to JoeBowler/Curious without warning. Zero tolerance.

This is not how we conduct ourselves on this forum, and we expect more and deserve better than what JoeBowler had to offer. Some members here just cant pass bar, and sometimes its best that we have them move on.

12/02/2016 - MWhite - Its been over 3 years since I've had to give someone a break. The abrasive, combative, condescending tone needs to stop. He's been warned verbally and formally about it, so now its the next step. His account has been suspended until 2017. Mike is intelligent but needs to reassess his purpose on this site and turn the negative tone into a positive contribution to bowling and the community. Use the high level smarts to help others. *ACCOUNT REINSTATED*

I will go to bat for every member that wants to be here, has a desire to learn, contribute and be a part of this community. will not turn into a trolling slingfest, not on my watch.