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I want a skid flip

Posted: February 28th, 2024, 11:35 pm
by Iqpro
I used to bowl competitively back in 2015 earlier and i had quite a few balls in my arsenal. I threw an Iq pearl for my versatility shot, the eagle for my stong heavy oil matte shot, and I had the roto grip bandit drilled to skid flip to react past oil if it was heavy and getting pushed in tournaments. I sold those and got out of the scene for quite a few years and im getting back in now and trying to rebuild my arsenal. I have the iq ruby for my versatile shot and my next ball i wanted the skid flip because oil is wild due to the increase in high rev high angle two handers. I looked at every new ball and there isnt any made with high rg high dif. I was looking into the virtual energy blackout and I was wondering what should i sak for or is it even possible to drill it a certain way to extend it downlane and make it more a skid flip style ball. It seems rather close and has a nice angular finish. I would love suggestions or what to say to my local pro shop to get this figured out. Thank you