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Doesn't seem to be a thing here, but is on most forums so I'll do it anyway.

Name is Mike, used to be a good bowler, a competitive bowler, prime in the 80's and 90's, never stopped, except for a couple of years here and there due to life/work/circumstances. Worked in bowls, head mechanic for a group of 4, did lanes, super early machines, early machines, towel, Hudson sprayer, etc. My strength is knowing lanes, reading lanes and playing accordingly. Weakness is my physical game today.

Know a lot about the game as it was decades ago, but sadly ignorant about much of todays game, especially equipment, which is why I'm here and trying to get back to where I was.

Enough, Cheers!
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There is a link to our Wiki in the Quick Links section at the top which has a trove of information about the modern game.
Good luck with your development and please ask questions!
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