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Open Bowling Conditions

Posted: June 10th, 2023, 2:24 pm
by BudKennedy
Since returning to bowling all of my outings have been as open bowling. Until yesterday each visit to the lanes usually followed league play and the basic conditions tended to be quite variable. For the most part the back end tended to be fairly dry as well as trying to shoot spares on the right side of the lane. I am a right hander so the break was usually more than I wanted.

Yesterday, however, was quite different. The league play is over for the Summer and the oil conditions were a bit more wet than what I had been playing on. This condition made right hand spare shooting a simple task without having to consider using a different ball for those kind of spares. Also I noted that there were a lot more strikes to include a couple of 5 baggers during the outing. The line I was using today was more of a down and in shot. Starting on the center line of the approach and rolling the ball over the 8 board was the ticket. This line is not something I have been able to use until yesterday. Scores were good but the best part of yesterday was my spare shooting was on target. This had always been the strength of my game and it felt great to feel that confidence once again. The lanes did transition a bit but not so much that you could not keep up the the changes by making some adjustments here and there. I used only one ball during the outing.

The approach and delivery is becoming much more consistent and that too makes the adjustments easier to accomplish. Sure enough I like stringing some strikes together but making those spares was a big deal for me. All in all it was a good day. The PSO at that location even came by to comment how nicely my game is coming together. As far as the scores go they were ok also. The first game was a bit rugged at 185 but the other two games were both over 200 with high game of 226.

I am looking forward to league play this fall and hopefully will see conditions similar to what I faced yesterday. If the lanes remain dry than I guess I will have to make the leap and get a spare ball of some type. I forgot to mention that I have received my new glasses that seems to help as well. I only have one fully functional eye and was not really able to get a good enough look at the marks I wanted to hit. I also can easily see if there are any sleeper pins on certain spare offerings. I do have some vision in my left eye but it is very cloudy and creates some slight level of double vision. That is gone for now thank goodness.