The end of nested quotes

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The end of nested quotes

Post by MegaMav »


I made the decision to stop nested quotes.
I have a limitation to single quotes in place along with a code change to automatically modify new posts at submit time to the outermost quote if you try to submit a nested quote.

So, you can have nested posts in your posting/edit window, and as you press submit, the forum will automatically remove the inner most nested quotes.
To me, the nested quotes were a waste of screen space and forum resources.

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Re: The end of nested quotes

Post by rrb6699 »

agree. as long as there is a way to reference a specific previous post then it will accomplish the intention of the poster.

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Re: The end of nested quotes

Post by JohnP »

Agreed, in general I prefer to copy the section of a post I want to refer to and use the quote radio button to identify it. -- JohnP
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Re: The end of nested quotes

Post by kajmk »

An idea who's time has come.
Thanks for the heads up.
May all beings everywhere be happy and free,
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