Step sequence for 5 step

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Step sequence for 5 step

Post by andnic »


I am sure I read here (cannot find it now) that for a five step approach the steps should be left, tightrope, left, tightrope, cross over is that correct..
If correct how left should the 1st and 3rd steps be?

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Re: Step sequence for 5 step

Post by JMerrell »

Mo Pinel wrote: To get technical, we have two types of steps. They are the "balance beam" step and the "cross over" step. A "balance beam" step is placing the foot directly in front of the previous step. If you cross back over after a balance beam step, it is called a crossover step.

Therefore, a five step approach for a right handers is as follows:

step (left foot) -normal step forward with the left foot
balance beam step (right foot)
short, quick step (left foot) - normal step forward with the left foot
short, quick balance beam step (right foot)
cross over slide step (left foot)
P.S -sorry about the barefeet, I live in Kentucky!
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