Track Hitting Thumb

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Track Hitting Thumb

Post by ajf0890 »

I've been at a bit of a loss this past season with a ball I purchased. After a good amount of research and discussion with my PSO, I purchased a Roto Grip Tour Dynam-x looking for a smoother motion in comparison to some of the pearls I've been mostly throwing as of recent. The result has been the track flare hitting the left side of the thumb hole repeatedly down the lane. I've never experienced this with a reactive ball before, including past asymmetric balls, just this Tour Dynam-x. After having a variety of people watch how I throw it, I revisited the PSO who compared it to my Zen (which he drilled as well) and he ended up lengthening the span on the Tour Dynam-x. Sadly, the same result in which the ball is practically unusable the way it sputters from hitting the thumb. What could be causing this?

Below are photos of the layouts and track flare between the two balls.
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Re: Track Hitting Thumb

Post by MegaMav »

This is likely from getting out of the ball too late or staying in the ball too long before you release it.
It's difficult to say without seeing video.
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Re: Track Hitting Thumb

Post by EricHartwell »

Welcome to BowlingChat

How much side weight does it have?.
The Cg is kicked way out.

Check your PAP on each ball. Including your spare ball if you roll one.
Ball dynamics can have an effect on where it will be.

Those 2 balls are Very different from each other.
The Tour Dynamix is a low flare weak Asym and the Zen is a Monster Symmetrical core.

I would surmise that your PAP is not the same on each ball.

Check out this link....

Knowing your release specs goes a long way in figuring out things like this.
As MegaMav suggested already video helps too.
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