Do 2 handed full rollers exist, and does it matter?

Which layout is right for me?

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Do 2 handed full rollers exist, and does it matter?

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I'm slightly familiar with full roller vs over rolled full rollers, but I'm curious if in today's modern game, without balance holes, and for 2 handers who don't use thumb holes... does it matter?

Assuming the bowler has 0* tilt, tracks between the fingers and where a "hypothetical" thumb would be, since there is no risk of flaring over a thumb hole that doesn't exist, do we not need to care about altering the layout? Do you just use the typical dual angle methods?

Do 2 handers ever use a full roller layout, where they would place the pin at 7 o'clock and using distance from the track to dictate shape? If so what type of reaction should they expect?

I've been searching the wiki and the forum, but almost all of the full roller stuff is outdated, for 1 handed bowlers with thumb holes, layouts that use weight holes to solve the problem etc.

I'd like to learn more about the growing world of 2 handers and no thumb bowlers, who flirt with 0* of tilt, and how to most effectively layout the ball for them.

Yes, I understand correcting their tilt with lessons and pitches is the "right" answer, but I'm interested in what the layout, ball choice, core dynamics, are to best suit them.
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