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Curious as to how bowlers target. Mine is similar to Wes Malott. I look at my break point down lane, draw a line back to where I want to cross, but the difference is I look at the foul like the whole time. Generally aiming in an area. Say I'm targeting 10 and want to break at 5, I'll look at the foul line and try to land my ball around 8 to 12.

It's different but a 210 to 220 average doing that has worked for me. Anyone else target similar to me?
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Re: Targeting

Post by star »

OK, no one else wants to have a go so I’ll try to explain mine.

I’m a senior bowler who has struggled with getting more speed in my game so I’ve developed this system that seems to work for me.

I target the breakpoint by either using a dark board or if possible the reflection of the pin deck light on the lane. I draw it backwards towards the foul line then back towards the pins. Then I focus on the reflection and go.

Usually with doing this I have 3 marks on most lanes. There is a bright light then darker spot than a light one. This gives me 3 breakpoints about board 7/8 then one 8/9 then one 9/10.

When I move I can adjust the same as when I was targeting the arrows but I just have to decide whether I move or retain my breakpoint.

It’s not as good as using the 3 point targeting system but it’s helped me get a little more speed than my old system.

It would be great to hear if anyone else has a weird system as I love trying out something different.
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Re: Targeting

Post by walterp »

I draw a line from the foul line to my target in the arrow zone, then I watch the ball path to the distance zone for the ball motion triangle I am playing. Ingrained in my brain. Distance zones don't change, oil patterns do. I find the shallower the entry angle I use, the more mistake room I have length wise. I'm more concerned with how far down the lane I have to get the ball rather than how far left I have to get. Lane is 720 inches long and 42 inches wide. Out of the 42 inches wide, the pocket is 18 inches from the gutter. The most the ball can hook and still hit the pocket is 18 inches, and that's assuming you either play up the 1 board or get it out to the one board. Most players are comfortable getting it to ten which is roughly ten inches from the gutter. So the most the ball can hook is 8 inches. I don't try and split boards, I try and use as much mistake room as I can get. I am most comfortable playing ten with a 4 board projection angle in the heads. I can do that may ways, say, I want to go 12 at the arrows to 10 at my distance zone, I'll stand on 17, slide on 17 look at 12 with the ball going out to ten down lane. I also like using arcy shapes, no sudden moves left off the spot. my first move is left with my eyes, to catch more oil in the middle, and then after that I parallel move left. 1 with the feet, 1 with the eyes.
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