Help with playing old oil pattern.

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Help with playing old oil pattern.

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Don’t know if anyone can help me out but our centre is changing its oil pattern.

We have old wood lanes and they took a 9 week battering when the machine was down and no oil was laid so you can guess what the surface has become like. 20 to 20 is almost back to the wood in the first 12 feet or so.

We use an old AMF Century Silver Bullet and patters are very difficult to obtain but our tech has found one that should work. See below.

Pro I8
Buffer Mode - Double PI- P2
Buffer Dist - PIF 45 PIR 40
P2F 36 P2R 30
Oil Made -Double PI- P2
39 4042 42 40 39
3637 38 38 37 36
20 30 35 35 30 20
20 28 28 20 10
TanS PIF 60% P2R 60%
P2F 80% RZR 100%
speed - Medium

It seem considerably more oil but we still feel the damage to the lane finish will be the overriding problem that cannot be overcome.

Any ideas how to play it? I tried outside but it’s really tough trying to play there with being 60years old with a 14 mph ball speed/420 revs and stay right of the head pin. If I use my spare ball it gets chewed up and then right hand spares become a problem. Swinging it and you have to be perfect, it’s easy to get 6 both ways. However it’s where I’m forced to play because of the damage to the middle of the lane.

Any ides? Best look I have is with a 4000 grit Hyped Solid drilled 5 1/2 inch pin but I have to swing it. Can’t use pin down balls as I track really close to the fingers and they clip the thumb if I do.
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