reactive resin and solid reactive cover stock

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reactive resin and solid reactive cover stock

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I'm looking to replace my old Scandal with a comparable ball and noticed that some are "reactive resin" and some are "solid reactive" cover stock. For example...I have an old Hammer Scandal bowling ball and comparing it to The ONE by ebonite. The scandal has a solid reactive and the one has a reactive cover stock. Is the reactive closer to urethane (or pearl) than an actual urethane (or resin) bowling ball? Would THE ONE be in-between resin and urethane as they are implying? I am confused now or should I be.
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Re: reactive resin and solid reactive cover stock

Post by EricHartwell »

Hammer has a history of offering what used to be called Particle balls.
The Scandel has the CFI carbon infused cover.
This is what they are calling it today.

Available today is the Extreme Envy with an Asymmetrical core.
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