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Innovator - Mania

Post by FredSoDak »

I have 2 Innovators sitting idle, thinking about drilling one. The core looks very similar to the Awakening core of the MoRich Mania.

So, looking for wisdom of the people that used the Mania (or its siblings) & how that translates to the Innovator. Seems the Mania was most often referenced for house shots. Is this also the target pattern for the Innovator?
Is it big backend flip, forward roll, or controlled arc?
How is it on challenge patterns; long/short?

My favorite house shot balls currently are Ebonite Game Breaker Asym & DV8 Creed.
For challenge "shot of the week", clear favorite is DV8 Intimidator Pearl & "sometimes ball" is Ebonite Drastic Fusion.

Knowing what conditions it is best used on, will influence my layout decision. Hoping it is not a flippy ball.
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