Pain in fingers

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Pain in fingers

Post by curtie94 »

I have been having some discomfort in my fingers during and after bowling. It is mainly in my 1st joint on my middle finger. But sometimes my ring finger hurts as well

I am using 5/16 left 9/16 right. 1/2 reverse on both fingers.

Could this be a fit issue? or is it more likely to be a release problem?

I find if I try to keep my hand under the ball longer it doesn't hurt to roll the ball but if I let my hand come around early I get a dull pain in my middle finger.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Pain in fingers

Post by kajmk »

Quick thought an opinion.
I am no PSO.
Have not bowled in eons.
I have had a similar experience and I did come around too soon and I had excellent PSO'S so in my case it was not a measurement issue like span or pitch etc.
Chat with your PSO and a coach, see if they can observe you.
The PSO might be able to do this right in the shop.
The last one I used caught a flaw in my release as I did some test rolls in his shop.
I might add that the difference was noticeable.
We have many folks on board much more qualified than me.
Perhaps this will get the ball rolling.
Note, that there are various drills cited on our wiki, and out in YouTube land.
Check them out, advance in a graduated manner ...

My gut feeling is it is related to your release and possibly how much grip pressure, possibly your forcing of the swing swing.
The looser the swing the more your hand rides the ball, the more force is like pushing it.
The fingers are capable of several types of grips, for example holding a pencil, carrying a bucket,
opening a jar of pickles, there are others.
The grips vary in strength and type of stress and finger fatigue.
You cited a difference in pain based on how you release the ball.
The pain increases if you come around early.
To illustrate a point.
Get a jar, preferably with some weight, like a jar of pickles
Hold the jar upside down, lid in the palm of your hand.
Next, rotate the jar so the bottom is facing the wall on your non throwing side holding it by the lid.
See what you notice.
Exaggerated example
If you lift a dumbell, you grab the handle with your fingers and palm in a position of strength.
Crude diagram, of fingers top one towards ceiling, bottom towards the floor. Imagine balancing the dumbbell on the finger on top.
Direction of force
Ceiling here
Floor here.

Good luck.
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