Shout out to Ron Hatfield

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Shout out to Ron Hatfield

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In 2004 I went to my first Ebonite Demo Day. They were introducing the Blade and Diesel. I bowled so well on the NCAA sport shot that my wife was told I should be bowling in Regionals. I won a spot through the qualifier that year. I did ok finishing 64th out of 118. I had a problem playing up the twig. Because of needing to learn how to play more lines, I went to Super School. Bill Hall said I was very similar to Danny Wiseman so I was with him all week. After going to Super School I struggled very badly for years and nobody has been able to fix me. I went to Dick Ritgers camp a year or two later hoping that system would get me at least back to basics. It helped a little. I've seen Mike Jasnau a few times. I've had one lesson each from Chris Sand and Lou Marquez. I know one or two lessons won't fix years of bad bowling.
In 2021 I was bowling in the Ohio State USBC Open. On their moniters was an ad for Ron Hatfield coaching. I seen him and a couple other guys bowling a few pairs down. Their approaches looked phenominal. I looked him up online and seen his long list of accomplishments as a coach. I introduced myself to him and we had a little talk. I had my first lesson that August and have been going every few months since. Along with the longer Pin to PAP on all of my new balls from Earon Vollmar of Shotmakers Pro Shop and the excellent coaching from Ron, I have made big strides in my game.
Because of them, I shot my best game ever at Nationals of 290. I had my first 299 and my fourth 300 last year. I changed houses this year and started with a 300 the first game of the season. I went through a little lull for a couple months with not making good shots and good shots were nine counts. At my last lesson with Ron, he reminded me to lower my backswing. We also worked on reducing axis rotation some more which I think also reduced my tilt. Since then I have been bowling my best ever. When I make good shots now there is no doubt it's a strike. I had a couple nights at one house where I couldn't find a shot and Doubles at Roseland Lanes for Ohio State USBC Open where I couldn't even get a 1000 grit Proton Physics to roll up. During singles I managed a couple good games and team event at Yorktown I did have a 289. Other than that I have been 650+ with four 700s out of five nights. I have never had that many 700s that close together. Last night I had my sixth 300.
My wife says I am wasting time and money driving 2 hours for a 2 hour lesson. I beg to differ! So hats off to Ron Hatfield for everything he has done for me so far. I look forward to gaining for knowledge and skills from his tutelage. If you need a good coach, check him out at
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