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THS Average: 225
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Positive Axis Point: 5.5 Over & 1 Up
Speed: 16.0 MPH - Camera
Rev Rate: 375
Axis Tilt: 14
Axis Rotation: 45
Heavy Oil Ball: Radical - Informer
Medium Oil Ball: Brunswick - Fearless
Light Oil Ball: Radical - Bonus Pearl
Preferred Company: Radical Bowling Technologies
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Help support BowlingChat With Donations

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Hi BowlingChat Community.

We have run out of donated funds for website hosting.
We run on the latest framework for PHP, MySQL and phpBB.
There are no advertisements/adware because we run on user donations.
I've put a donate button on the top header (desktop browsers).
Please donate to keep BowlingChat going!
All donations go directly to website hosting.

Thank you.


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