Looking for coach to help my two-handed bowler son in MD USA

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Looking for coach to help my two-handed bowler son in MD USA

Post by maxbowler »

Any one in Maryland, USA who could help my son bowl better. I would really appreciate it.
He has been bowling with the 2-handed style for just over 1 year now, averaging 169. He wants to get better.

Can someone help?
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Re: Looking for coach to help my two-handed bowler son in MD

Post by kajmk »

Try reaching out to Gary Parsons for help and or references. Gary is located in Maryland.
Also reach out via Coaching Community forum.

Good Coachs come with and without certification by USBC.
Ask around, look for any 2 handers that look good, ask them if they've been coached locally.
Also, your PSO may have references.

In the interim, check out Jim Merrell's video on the wiki, additionally, see various analyses he has done for 2 handers.

http://wiki.bowlingchat.net/wiki/index. ... y_elements" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Note key postures and timing on Jim's video and the axiom, keep your head over the ball.

Make use of mirrors and videos. For drills at home and at centers.
Use props when applicable after learning the keys.

Spare shooting will always be a key. Make sure he believes that.
Belmo is amazing because he can shoot straight at a pin, Osku shoots it differently.
How does your son shoot his spares. What's his percentage on simple spares?
Power is a given, with the style.

Don't discount proper warm ups and cool downs, an applicable fitness routine to guard against injury, home balance and strength.

It's a fun style.
Determination and persistence will improve his luck!
Take care.
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Re: Looking for coach to help my two-handed bowler son in MD USA

Post by TonyPR »

Did you find a coach for your kid, how’s his progress? Just following up on your original post, hope he’s progressing at a steady pace.
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