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Balls and Balderdash

Posted: July 12th, 2021, 7:08 pm
by kajmk
A recent news story a friend shared with me.
A dash of "humor"
An anecdote from the days of MEK ...

I hope you'll enjoy this.
Please chime in as you see fit.

Michigan man unearths more than 150 bowling balls during home renovation ... 39977.html

All I found in mine was

I wonder if there is an old bowling center buried down there too.
Mole Bowl!
Or if there was an old center uphill from his yard.
Reminds me of a story about when tour bowlers found out what McCune was doing.
Bowlers check in to the Hill Top Motel. Remember that name.
Before retiring, they each placed bucket with MEK outside their room room to soak their ball.
After a few hours, the manager starts knocking on doors, telling them they have to remove the buckets as people complained about the odor.
Out to the parking lot they trotted buckets in hand. They lined up the buckets in some empty spots. Back to bed. Later on, a tired traveler pulls into the poorly lit lot.
Wham, bam, slam, over went the buckets, out rolled the balls.
The Bowlers heard the commotion looked out the windows. To their terror, they saw their bowling balls rolling out of the lot on to the street.
Remember the name of the motel?
Out they ran in whatever they were wearing, down the hill chasing their balls!

I've been inactive as a bowler, and have given away many balls, never thought of burying them though some of them are sleeping with the fishes and Luca Brazzi!

Take care y'all.