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Community version: 2 handed - form critique first try

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Hey all,

I have also posted this in the certified coaching section but I want as much feedback as I can get so please feel free to give me some advice and guidance.

I have decided to go back to throwing 2 handed.
I have been bowling for 2 years now and a year ago I have experimented with throwing 2 handed for about 2 months. I switched back to 1 handed because my friends said it was better for me but I eventually lost the fun in bowling due to thumb problems.

Now I am determined to develop a solid 2 hander game.

I hope some of you can help me improve my game and tell me what I should work on.

Interesting information:
I had the chance to bowl my first 3 games today using 2 hands since last year. In the beginning I was very careful because I didn't feel comfortable. In the third game I got a bit more confident and my speed went up from 22kmh at release to 26kmh at release. At the pins it was 21kmh measured with Specto.

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