Speed Dominant Layout advice needed

Which layout is right for me?

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Speed Dominant Layout advice needed

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Good morning,

I’m looking for some layout advice. I’m a speed dominant bowler with the following specs:

PAP - 3 1/4 over by 3/8 up
Axis Tilt 17*
Rotation 55* - 75*
MPH (on monitor) - 15 to 16.5
Rev Rate - 300 - 325

Most of the centers I bowl at are Synthetic.
House and Sport shot are what I bowl.

I’m hoping to have a go to layout for Symetrical, Asymmetrical, and Urethane. I’m rebuilding my arsenal to include:

Altered Reality
Idol Helios
Phaze 4
Double Cross

Possibly including the Fast Pitch, and Pitch Black.

Thanks for your advice!
Speed 17.5 off-hand
Rev 275
Tilt 17*
Rot 75*
PAP 4 over 1 3/8 up

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