Medium length/heavy volume sport patterns kill me. Help.

Which layout is right for me?

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Re: Medium length/heavy volume sport patterns kill me. Help

Post by Mongo » August 28th, 2019, 1:23 am

kajmk wrote:A question from a stone age bowler ...
Thinking about my father and uncle bringing home their first bowling balls from a church bowling center which we being closed. The center allowed guys to bring the ball of their choice home. Some time after that, a two bus trek to a sporting good store to have 3 holes punched into an Ebonite rubber ball Tornado ...
I wonder what they'd think today ...

On the surface, it's like comparing catapults to cruise missiles

Regarding bowling balls ...
Do you maintain a matrix with variables and combinations ??

Kudos to all of you who have command of this subject.

Just wondering ...

I grew up in the days where a double ball bag was a big deal. I can't imagine what guys from the 70's/80's would think about guys with arsenals and multiple layouts.

Then again, those guys also were in environments where you could literally park and sit in the same spot all day.
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JMerrell wrote:Mongo,
We need to work on getting that teddy bear body of yours more open throughout the approach.

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