“Effective Thumb Pitch”

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“Effective Thumb Pitch”

Post by TonyPR » November 21st, 2021, 10:39 pm

Hello guys, was reading a bit about thumb pitches. I haven’t taken any fitting course yet, just know what I have lerned here throughout the years and talking with high level coaches and ball drillers.

Was reading this article and the term “effective pitch” came up when referencing thumb pitch:


I have a feeling it comes into play when fitting unique hands that deviate for one reason or another (or a combination of reasons) from what is typically used following the most popular fitting methods, like when we need to adjust linear pitch, how much lateral should be adjusted to nail the “effective pitch”.

Would someone please explain to me what this term means?
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Re: “Effective Thumb Pitch”

Post by TomaHawk » December 1st, 2021, 6:04 pm

Effective pitch means utilizing pitches which will enhance the ability to hold onto / release the ball and at the higher the higher levels of bowling ability, having the ball leave the hand effectively.

You'll find, there will be many factors to consider when fitting a ball, strength, hand structures, skin textures, velocity / length of the swing, fast or not so fast twitch muscles, and a person's mental game are all relevant to creating a good fit.

Most importantly though, a good deal of consideration has to be given to the bowler's level of competence on the lanes.

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