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SG, fabric thumb tape & peeling white insert tape cure

Posted: February 13th, 2019, 9:52 am
by MineralitePaul

If you're like me and you use an interchangeable thumb slug (i.e. Switch Grip, IT, etc.) and also cover your thumb (in my case completely) with one of the many fabric-based protection/ release enhancing tapes (I use that wide thin black turbo tape) only to have your insert tape start rolling up inside the thumb hole after a few shots, try this (see photo).

The idea is to mill a very shallow notch at the top of the slug and down the outside of it to accommodate the extending of the insert tape above the slug and folding it down the outside. For this to work, the top layer Of tape must be Inserted upside down with the squared -off end at the top of the hole, with about 1/4" of extending out of the hole. fold that portion over the milled shallow notch at the top of the slug and down the outside of the slug in the side notch. Upon inserting the switch grip (or whatever system you use) into the ball, the top of the tape is positvely held in place and slightly below the surface of the ball so as not to interfere With the cover stock (especially if you're a thumper). I hope this helps someone like it has me