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 Post subject: Oil Pattern Sheet, Somebody Explain
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I'm comparing KOSI sheets with A22 sheets for the same patterns because I'm developing a way to translate oil patterns from one machine to the other one. I'll put 2017 Stockholm pattern as an example here, it is a 36' pattern with 26.885 ml volume. In the KOSI Sheet everything is very accurate with the numbers and very clear but the A22/Envoy sheet has some inconsistencies (See the attached files below)


Both of the sheets state the same volume so I took the Brunswick sheet and sum all the loads to find what the volume of one load is. 1 load=3.25 µL

What caught my attention is that in the Brunswick sheet it states zone volumes as follows (The tables below):

Zone 1: 10.47 mL
Zone 2: 5.07 mL
Zone 3: 9.50 mL
Zone 4: 1.84 mL
Zone 5: 0 mL
Total: 26.88 mL

Using the µL values instead of the load values I got these results:
Zone 1: 8.12 mL
Zone 2: 7.86 mL
Zone 3: 6.14 mL
Zone 4: 4.76 mL
Zone 5: 0 mL
Total: 26.88 mL

Can anyone explain this discrepancy please?, I think the person who wrote the sheet made a mistake it does not correspond with the original number sums per zone.

I made a graphic to compare both the kegel and the Brunswick pattern design, though they look similar they're not equal. A22/Envoy are very capable to reproduce the exact same pattern for they're far more accurate because of the way they work. In the KOSI sheet we have 8 zones forward and 4 reverse, considering the combination of both we can identify 9 zones total. A22 brunswick only use 5 zones total, the Brunswick sheet can use as much as 8 zones. I like how much the brunswick one resembles to the dye patterns they put in the PBA televised finals.

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