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 Post subject: The Original Sweat Box Bowling ball Oil Extractor Review
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I am not sure what category this goes in so I put it in here. I bought this a few weeks ago and opened it up an hour ago. It is packaged really well with styrapone all over the important parts and also the box is glued at the top along with being taped shut. Everything is packaged ready to be taken out. The rubber ball plugs are put into a zip lock back and taped so that when you try to open it, it rips the bag so you have to be careful with that. It comes with a 8 1/2 by 11" printed manual and also a DVD. The DVD is just bascially the youtube video demo of it.

My thumb is really small compared to most people so I found it difficult to find a good fitting rubber part for my thumb. It says don't let the rubber hang out of the holes in the ball more then 1/4" and I know I have it probably 1/2" or more out but that is the closest fit I have. I poured the water into the well and then I turned the setting on it to the full 60 min (it is recommended if the ball has never been cleaned do a 60 min cycle.). I then flipped the button on and I could hear the timer going. It says that the light comes on automatically when the timer is set. I couldn't get the light to come on initially. I had to fiddle with the plug in the back and push it in and around and then I turned it back on and the light finally came on.

I messed up and I am not sure how long it was turned off before I went back in to check on it. The ball was still warm and it says to clean the ball no more then 10 minutes after it shuts off. I think I am within that 10 minutes though. The ball is really slipperly so you have to use paper towels or something to take it out of the pan. I didn't really see any oil that was extracted but that could be for several reasons. #1 I have never seen oil rings on the ball since I have used it. (it was mostly used in playing the drier boards). #2 I waited too long before checking on it. They provide you with some cleaner and I sprayed the cleaner on it and wiped with a microfiber towel. Now I put in the hammer bad intentions hybrid into the pot and see if I get any different results. If I had to recommend anything I would recommend they make a ding sound when it is done or if you are away from it watch your watch or something. It doesn't look too easy to clean up though. I don't think the bottom bucket part is removable and not quite sure how to get the water out of that bottom part. I know that after 1 60 min session, the water line is still where it was when turned it on the first time and I didn' thave to refill.

I did 3 balls and each ball feels "tacky" after cleaning the water off, oil (if there is any) and also spraying their spray on the ball and wiping it off. I did 3 60 min sessions. The steel bucket is very hot and you have to use pot holders for it. The dome is not very hot at all just warm. You will have to let the steel bucket cool down before using. I did the Hy-road ball (if it can be used) and it feels just like it did when I payed $20 to get the JayHawk machine on it in Dallas.

Cleaning: I used a small cup to get most of the water out of the bottom of the pan. Then I used a few paper towels to get the rest out. The machine goes nicely back in the box though.

Different rubber plugs to put into the ball to prevent oil from going into the holes: ... 078948.jpg

Sweat box on the counter: ... 078875.jpg

Filling to the water line: ... 078767.jpg

Storm Match Bowling ball (approx 30 games on it) with plugs put into it and placed into the well: ... 079052.jpg

Ball placed in the device and turned on: ... 079154.jpg

pic of ball when taken out: ... 083504.jpg

Here is probably Oil residue on the bottom of the pan: I used 409 and a paper towel to get it out: ... 094565.jpg

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