KGT Green Plug Dams

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BCU Graduate Layouts
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KGT Green Plug Dams

Post by yupraypraylo »

Hi Guys. Just recently bought a shop, and am looking to improve my plugging situation.

I hear good things about the KGT Green Plug Dams. Are they an excellent product, as recommended? I would love to hear your thoughts on usage, and longevity. I primarily use Vise CS Hybrid ball plug. May I use these dams with this product?

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Re: KGT Green Plug Dams

Post by pinchezr »

They are great!
I work with them also and use the CS ball lug too.

Just be carefull not to drop them, once when they are bend a bit they are worthless... Just learned that the hard way :(
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Re: KGT Green Plug Dams

Post by dougsterner »

Best advice I can give you in regards to reusable plug dams is to also invest in a jar or vaseline. Keep the dams lubricated and you will have no issues. I had some of the older ones and they worked great for about 6 months, then they started sticking. I didn't know that you were supposed to lubricate them...lesson learned!!!!

For irregularly shaped holes I keep some modelling clay in the shop. This allows me to make a custom shaped plug dam... and cheap too!
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Re: KGT Green Plug Dams

Post by stevespo »

I just bought one to try and it looks like there is a raised gasket on one side, which I assume goes down on the ball? Yes/no?

Great tip about vaseline as a conditioner/sealant/release agent.
Not having tried the oval yet, I wouldn't trust this to seal tightly on its own - I'm paranoid about leaks!

Any other tips appreciated...

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