Interesting discovery using my Avalanche Solid

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Interesting discovery using my Avalanche Solid

Post by kellytehuna » May 17th, 2010, 4:55 am

So, tonight I went down to the center, oiled up a pair and got to bowling. I remembered I had an Avalanche Solid sitting in my locker. I'd drill it up almost 2 months ago, threw it like a handful of times, but settled on the LevRG Response as my go to ball on the shot we had in the center at the time. The Avalanche just didn't read the pattern the way I wanted. Granted I was trying to play right on the edge of the oil/no oil line, so if I missed right any, it started to dive. Since I was using the Response MUCH deeper, I didn't have the same problem with it.

In the last 6 weeks or so, I've been playing with a new wick and adjusting the shot. This shot is fairly heavy up the outside and no so much through the middle. It's almost a reverse block, really. Something I intend to remedy with a little more experimentation.

Anyway, I decided to throw the Avalanche and boy am I glad I did! I think I've just found the ball to open out the night with on a fresh shot! I this ball at 1000 Abralon at the moment and the ball reads the lane surprisingly well through the midlane. I'm standing some 10 boards right, with my feet than where I normally play and my target has moved in around 6 or 7 boards, so I'm playing MUCH straighter. This is EXACTLY the look I've been wanting for the last 4 months. I wish I'd given the ball more of a chance to start with. I'll need to change the inserts, since they're a little on the small side, but thats a minor detail.

The Response will still be getting a lot of lane time, but it will no longer be the first ball "out of the bag". I'm thinking I might take Avalanche down to 500 Abralon and use the Avalanche to beat the pattern up for the first game or so, then move in and swing away with the Response.
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