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Post by bmens84 » March 30th, 2022, 11:25 am

I originally drilled this up to be a tad stronger than my Fantasy Star (GREATEST BALL EVER). While it is stronger, it read WAY earlier than I would normally prefer. The reason I selected this ball was because of the RG value. I drilled it up 50 * 4 * 40 which is stronger and earlier than my typical 75 * 5 *35. Initially it was just to early for ME as far as its read, so I took it home and put some Vise polish on it and PERFECT. Ball still reads a bit earlier than I am accustomed to, and gives me a different roll than im really accustomed to, but I REALLY like it. It really is a very good benchmark ball on THS. It is not overly reactive so it is forgiving in that sense, but as with most pearls, if you squirt it out into the dry too early, ITS MOVING. Very satisfied with how it carries.
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