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Ball advice for new two hander?

Posted: March 12th, 2022, 10:24 pm
by FFLevity
I've just started getting into bowling, and I've been looking around trying to figure out what my next bowling ball will be. As a two hander, what do you all recommend?
I currently only have a rhino.

Re: Ball advice for new two hander?

Posted: September 23rd, 2022, 7:45 pm
by Bam7
Fellow two hander here, My first ball when I started was a GB4 Pearl. I love this ball so much. It gets through the front, reads the midlane very well, and it is very good at blending the pattern, or if you want it to, you can make it snap back agressively. It is a very good first high performance ball. A couple months ago I was given a nova and an all road. I still use the GB4 more than either of those balls because its so versatile. You can play any board you want with the GB4 by changing hand positionings. Very great first ball or a ball for transition once you move in. (I sit around 500+ revs with 17 mph ball speed so I can move as far in as I want with it, even lofting the gutter). Idk how long you have bowled for or what your stats are but some other good options are the Widow Ghost, Hy-road, Ufo-alert, Zen pearl (everyone loves this ball). Reccommend to talk to your local TRUSTWORTHY proshop and get some reccomendations!

Re: Ball advice for new two hander?

Posted: September 23rd, 2022, 7:51 pm
by Bam7
It also takes surface adjustments very well, I assume you bowl on a houseshot. When I play houseshots I start around 15 with the nova and move is as games go by. With my rev rate I can burn up a lane in a hurry so by game 3-4 Im at board 30 with the GB4. I put mine to 4000-grit and once I start to see it read a little too early, I polish it and it starts to read perfectly again and once Im too far or start lofting I switch to the all road and move in. Try not to get heavy oil balls like the Gem for house shots. One heavy oil ball I hear is really good is the Track stealth. That ball is at 1500-grit and people say it looks absolutely gorgeous when put to 3000, 4000 or polished