can anyone recommend a ball for my wife

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can anyone recommend a ball for my wife

Post by BrokenArrow » February 19th, 2020, 9:54 pm

Right now she is throwing a 14 pound venom recoil and honestly I think it might be too much ball for her, or maybe too heavy.

She is about 100 pounds soaking wet and not a very active bowler, but she'll go with me from time to time.

I've never had her clocked but she can't be throwing more then 10mph and she has a big sweeping hook where I SWEAR it's going in the gutter and then it bites and hooks and usually ends up in the face. She averages around 100-110.

I'm wondering if maybe I should move her down to a 12-13 so she can possibly get alittle more speed on the ball. Or if maybe I should look into something that might start alittle later so she doesn't end up in the face so much.

Any ideas would be great, thanks.

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Re: can anyone recommend a ball for my wife

Post by 44boyd » February 19th, 2020, 10:40 pm

My wife is the same, started her off at 12lbs and a wrist brace. She liked the Storm Crux because it moved with her 9 mph better than her tropical breeze

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Re: can anyone recommend a ball for my wife

Post by kajmk » February 20th, 2020, 12:48 am

Excerpt from Ron Clifton Tip #14

"The first thing I check when trying to pick a ball weight is the persons wrist strength. I have them hold the ball down by their side with their wrist relaxed. Then I ask them to cup their wrist forward. They should be able to hold that position for a slow count to 10 or the ball is too heavy. This goes for men and women. I have seen a lot of men and women that could fire a 15 or even 16LB ball down the lane but can not pass my wrist test with them. If you can't pass the wrist test, then you can't have a good strong release or much versatility in releases. I know there are a lot of senior bowlers out there that would be much happier with a 14lb ball, but are struggling along with a 15 or 16 because they are afraid they would loose too much carry. Fear no more. The ball technology is here today. Just visit your local pro shop."

Full article by Ron Clifton
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