senior bowlers and lane conditions

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senior bowlers and lane conditions

Post by turbotwister » September 16th, 2018, 11:02 pm

me, as a senior bowler ( 50 years bowling), i find that the lane conditions of today are all over the place. one day, they are wet and the next day dry. they might be using a fire, ice or prodigy conditioner...who knows. i carry a 210-215 average but i'm finding lately that straighter is greater and balling down to a weaker ball is happening to me and even going to my plastic ball to grind it out. I've also noted that when i'm using plastic, i don't leave 7 or 10 pins hardly at all...then , if i happen to go back to resin,here comes the corner pins. The younger bowlers ( that i bowl against) can overcome certain conditions but all in all, i seem to come in stronger at the end....i guess " old men rule". Lol...what are your thoughts about today's conditions and equipment? that's mine.....

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Re: senior bowlers and lane conditions

Post by mrbean » September 18th, 2018, 1:42 am

my local bowling alley is starting to put down more oil so i too am playing straighter (except for the one time they had a 36 ft pattern and i shot 245 playing a black diamond rubber up 10) even my stronger stuff i cant swing out as much unless i throw it slower. the other day i had to play between 15 and 10 with an aggressive alpha crux. i have a decent amount of revs but my slower ball speed usually lets me play like a cranker.
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