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 Post subject: Need a Ball & Layout Recommendation(s)
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until last night I HATED my Idol. for some reason I didn't understand how to throw that ball. but, I got it locked in finally and after two bad games. threw 11 identical-carry strikes in a row with it.

I was determined to figure out what works for this ball, I found something. the ball likes to spin not roll.

here's my dilemma. I've changed to a speed dominant game. at least for my current arsenal. I feel validated for the fact I won a $2k first place tournament last week on a Badger 52' pattern using this technique. To give you an idea - crankers barely got a wrinkle and ran into trouble on the transition.

so, what I want is recommendations for a 16lb ball.. Im open to any manufacturerer not staffers pushing their balls. going for unbiased here.

here are my new specs:
PAP - 3-7/8 over, 1/2" up, RH
speed 17-19 downlane
I can tell you when I slow down I get matched speed and revs in the 16.5mph range on downlane speed.. you can figure revs from that. obviously, they go down at higher speed. I believe I have low tilt.

I'm looking for a Ball with a strong core and coverstock combo that I can throw a weak layout on heavy oil conditions. I know I may not get a reaction on 52' of oil, but, the ball motion itself (not movement on the lane - but the WAY it rolls). looking for a left-ward turning / "churning" off my hand! even if I try to come up the back of it more. I want to drill it under the new specs and suspect up to 3 oz of sideweight is going to be helpful for my game and will give me the ball roll I'm looking for. .

the Idol I have is drilled 75 x 5-1/2 x 35. no balance holes.

this new ball will be a heavy oil ball mostly. if you need any more info just ask.


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