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EricHartwell wrote:
I used to be the guy you are speaking of back in the early 2000's, Bringing my Old Blue and Black Hammers on purposely playing near the track area breakpoint 9-12 at 38-40 ft, dragging oil towards the pocket. Messing up the line for the bowlers that did not realize what I was doing. My teammates knew what I was doing to the lanes and would play the lanes accordingly. I called it defensive bowling. I did this averaging 210+ and my teams bowling average was a combined 205+. The lowest average, 195 from a guy that never averaged 200 and was bowling good to average 195. They all used shiny reactive balls with mild drillings and would make sure that their breakpoints were outside of mine.
The line of carrydown I left behind would provide hold to the inside for them. The other teams would standing way left of me and balling up using their strongest/dullest balls trying to play over the top of where I was ruining the condition. They had basically zero room for error.
My moves were to move my feet but not my target at the arrows. By game 3 I created a wedge of friction Early on the lanes swinging my ball outside of the line of carrydown.

The biggest thing to realize is what he is doing to the lanes by paying attention to where his ball is traveling on the lanes not just at the breakpoint but in the heads as well. Dull equipment will burn up early in the wedge, flat 10's. Shiny equip playing to far the inside will skate the breakpoint because of the carrydown. I feel the best way to combat this is to play Around the carrydown not through it. Lining up just inside the old school urethane guy 1-2 boards, crossing his line in the midlane to get your breakpoint outside of his. Or playing completely outside of him.

You sneaky son of a gun!
Well played Sir, well played. ;)

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