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 Post subject: Motiv Jackal Ghost - Initial Impression
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I picked up a Motiv Jackal Ghost a few weeks back for an upcoming tournament I was gonna bowl. I ended up not bowling the tournament as my son decided he wanted to bowl a tournament that day. So, the Jackal Ghost has been sitting there waiting to be thrown, but no center in my area lays down anything that would be remotely close to heavy oil. As a matter of fact, I threw plastic last night in league because they were so dry.

Tonight, I subbed on a sport league for my buddy who is down in Vegas. The pattern was the 2016 Shark. I was finally able to throw the Jackal Ghost. In the past, I've always played the shark pretty straight early, around 11 board and migrated in as the pattern transitioned. Today...well was different.

Game 1: Started 14-10, flagged a 10-pin, chopped a bucket. 234
Game 2: Right lane broke down first, started migrating left, ended up 17-10 by the end of the game. Made a couple of bad shots...167
Game 3: We move pairs after 2 games. I haven't bowled on a sport pattern in a bit so I made a mistake by playing the lanes the same and didn't strike for 5 or 6 frames, got dialed in and managed a clean 214.
Game 4: Started with a 4 pin, then struck from the 2nd to the 9th frame, 4pin/spare/6 count for 265

Series 880.

I should state the ball specs:
Layout: 60 x 4 x 35 (P2)
Surface: 1000 Abralon

I'm not sure I've ever had a ball come off the end of a 43’ pattern the way this ball does. Its amazing..the closest I can think of is the Rotogrip Critical Theory. I moved in about 4 boards with my feet and 2 with my eyes over the course of 4 games. Overall, I'm very impressed with this piece.


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