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 Post subject: Brunswick "The Grizz" Vintage Urethane ball
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I picked up a used Brunswick Grizz Vintage Urethane on ebay.
The ball is drilled with a simple old style layout, CG right in the center of the palm.
The Grizz with this layout only gets about 1 inch of flare for me. Lol!
I refinished the ball back to stock grit of 320 wet sand.
I am bowling on a normal house shot.

This ball sucks up oil like a parched Grizzly Bear!
I could not believe how fast it absorbed the oil. At first I thought there was actually no oil on the lane since I am used to oil staying on the surface of urethane balls. So I took a test shot with my rubber ball just to see and it just skidded and would not grip.
When I got the rubber ball back it was drenched!

So The Grizz is a thirsty animal...

As I discovered this day, The Grizz is simply too strong to play up second arrow, but too weak to push out from third arrow.
If I played too deep in the oil then I left 5 pins or worse, the 5-7 split.
So after some experimentation I had to play around 12 1/2 out to about 11 and back.
I had to hit this line perfectly to strike.
If I missed a touch right I had a ton of flat 10's and if I missed a touch left it went high leaving 4-7's.

It was real, real hard to play this ball at this grit.
I believe I will take it up to 500 grit so I can move right with it into the friction to get a more consistent response.
This ball is the smoothest ball I have ever thrown.
It is perfectly predictable and when it overreacts it is a soft move left, not a jump.

The Grizz is a vintage urethane ball that is super strong and hooks really early and then sets and rolls the rest of the way.
Don't expect any backend out of this ball, it is not designed for that.
It is designed to provide a consistent and accurate roll that can keep you in the pocket all night and let you pick up all your spares.

This is old school bowling, enjoy The Grizz.

Full Roller
Axis Rotation: 90
Axis Tilt: 0
Rev rate: 150
Ball speed: 10.5 mph at the Pin Deck
Composite Average: 175
High Game: 259 bowled with Billy Hardwick rubber ball. The back 9.
High Series: 667 bowled with the Radical Jackpot.

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