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 Post subject: Extremly oily lanes time to "moist bake a ball?"
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I have a hammer scandal that I just baked with the moist ball thing. I just bowled 2 games with it on some kind of flood. Everytime the ball was thrown, there was 5-7 oil rings and even the oil was dripping and running from the rings. I tried to use the shammy and wipe the ball off everytime I threw it as soon as it come back but a few times I had to wait until I was up again to wipe it off. Would it be a good idea to do it since it is fresh on the ball? I have the machine and it doesn't cost anything to do or I should wait a few more games with it? I know that after 20 games or so you do it, but this was a very bad situation and it could have sucked up alot of oil I don't know about.

Another question I have is this. I threw the storm Rocketship and the Storm Match on the same lanes. (the rocketship in the same spot as the scandal), and NO oil lines. Why don't those balls show oil lines? have never seen the storm match have an oil line on it. I think I might have seen once with the rocketship had something slightly on it.

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