laying out an a new arsenal?

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Re: laying out an a new arsenal?

Post by militant02 » February 8th, 2010, 4:41 am

i've read the dual angle article on your website. i just reread your post so i know that the 60*/20* will transition faster than the 60*/30* but i'm not sure if there might be angle that are too fast for most bowlers and i'm curious as to what the min/max angles might be for my particular game.

also, while i'm on the subject i understand how placing a weight hole in either the p3 or p4 location increases the amount of differential of a ball but does that increase the overall hook from the foul line to the pins or does it just increase the strength of the reaction AFTER the ball encounters dry boards? in other words will placing a weight hole at the p3 location smooth out the overall reaction of a particular ball?

one final question for now. if a 2:1 ratio is the lowest that i should use on longer patterns and my sweet spot is approximately a total of 90*(+-20*), should my strongest ball be 60*/30* and everything else in my arsenal be drilled with the total angles higher than 90* or should my benchmark ball be 60*/30* while drilling balls that i want to have a quicker reaction with a lower total angle such as 50*/25* and longer transitions higher 70*/30 and higher?

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