New video 2-5-2021

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New video 2-5-2021

Post by Bdgf99 »

I have not posted in a while, and have had some changes to my game:

1. Lost 25 pounds as of this week
2. Due to arthritis developing in my hands, started using an adjustable wrist brace
3. Working towards JoPo interchangeable thumbs

Link to new practice video:

Comments: adjustment to the wrist brace has been up and down but had 714 this past week with it and developed a timing exercise that uses my breathing to time when I start my approach, hence the small "startup" I am doing right as I step forward each shot.

My main question is regarding my left foot during shot, I know Jim M has mentioned this in the past in my video submissions. Looking for general feedback/comments also. Thank you!
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Re: New video 2-5-2021

Post by kajmk »

Buff99 (Joe?)
I viewed your video via the link on you tube and noticed you have several older videos out there.
You might consider posting some for any coach that might want to contrast that with you now.
Also, if Jim gave you a lesson plan, include that link.
By the way congratulations on the weight loss, it is quite noticeable from the older videos.
As you know, Coachs like a total head to toe side and rear view. ... e_Coaching

As far as suggestions, although I noted some areas of possible concern, I will leave the suggestions to folks that actually instruct bowlers and have achieved results, such as Dean and Tony. Besides, you just rolled 714, a 238 clip, not too shabby.

If you care to share what you like and don't like about your game, that might help perspective coaches out.

Part of the art of coaching is knowing what to change and when if at all. The physical game could be likened to a math equation. In such an equation, two negative variables can cancel each other out. Sort of elements of a style.

Continued success.
Stay safe.
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contribute in some way to that happiness
and to that freedom for all.

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Re: New video 2-5-2021

Post by deanchamp »

Hi, Ideally it would be good to see you head to toe from the beginning, and a side view, but see the attached PDF for some feedback.

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
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