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Tracking over fingers and thumb

Posted: October 8th, 2019, 12:44 pm
by Shaynemelton75
What do I need to do to get my track off the fingers and thumb? I couldn’t find my bowlers ID form that I did not long ago, but my axis point x was about 7 3/4. I have tried to upload a photo of the flare pattern on my ball, but they’re all to large to upload.
I’ve been told by others that I need to get my thumb out earlier, I understand this. But I can throw the ball two handed without the thumb in and I still hit the fingers and thumb.

I hope that I can be put onto a path to fix this as it is constant cause of frustration. Ideally I’d like to get the track well done, but anything now would be good.



Re: Tracking over fingers and thumb

Posted: October 8th, 2019, 4:24 pm
by kajmk

Some references
You might consider cross posting to pro-shop or layout forum.

From Maestro Mo Pinel

This thread touches on your topic.

viewtopic.php?f=13&t=7093#p56079" onclick=";return false;

Regarding attachment size.
If you use a computer, convert your pictures to a jpeg file format.
One way to this is to use a desktop tool like snippet to capture what you want from your screen and save it to your desktop, then open the copy with a desktop tool like paint, now save that file as jpeg ...

I'm not on a PC, I'm mostly offline these days.

Hope this helps.

P.S. If you are not satisfied with your game, seek out a good instructor in your area.
Ask around your centers or create a post on the forum, "Looking for a coach in ..."

Check out the forum wiki you will find some good info.
Just for fun, look at the Kegel videos dealing with footwork; there is one in the Teen Masters tips.

Also view, listen to part on playing inside of ball, look at his index finger.
viewtopic.php?f=3&t=14527" onclick=";return false;

Read this one too. ... f_the_ball" onclick=";return false;

Re: Tracking over fingers and thumb

Posted: October 12th, 2019, 6:53 pm
by kajmk

Shayne responded.
I posted looking for some direction to fix this. I have tried Mo’s performance fittings. I have even drilled a few full roller layouts.
I understand the advantage of working the inside of the ball, but I have physical limitations that will not allow me to get to that position. I watch videos of myself from previous years and I have never been on the inside of the ball. I have also never had a problem with an overly high track either.

I need someone to tell me what to do to get my pap back down to at least 5 inches or lower. I have no desire to throw the ball the way I am at the moment.
I’m in Australia and there is a lack of knowledgeable coaches. I’ve consulted with the highest level coaches in Australia, but none seem to be able to give me a training, drills, etc to fix this.

I’ve just returned to the game after a couple of years off with injury. I’ve been back bowling now for 4 months. I was having slight problems just before hurting myself with this overly high track. But now it’s out of control.

What I really would like is some direction. I’m not sure when I make a change, try a different release, try a training aid, if I am on the right track.

Thanks for your time and information
Hi Shayne.
Sorry for the late response.
By no means do I consider myself as good as your coaches in Australia, or anywhere for that matter. Call me a WANNABEE.
You might want to create a separate post asking for instructor references in Australia.
Someone on board here might have contacts, I don't think it could hurt.
I suspect you'd agree, that face to face 1:1 coaching is best.
Cyberspace is like carrier pigeon communication.

You'll also note, I'm not concise, wish I could be brief but that's just not me.
Jim Merrell or someone at his level could write a plan on a napkin, it takes me a table cloth
Everything I think I know, I learned from someone else.

See Timonedes

viewtopic.php?f=16&t=3660&p=29091&hilit ... des#p29091" onclick=";return false;

Oh yes, like the Moody Blues song "Question", using your good sense and researching multiple sources.

Post your response on COMMUNITY COACHING, citing your original post as you may get some good help. The Certified Coaching certificate, is like the Diploma given to the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, it's a piece of paper, not a brain.

What are your physical limitations?
For example wrist range of motion, being able to hold a position.
Is switching hands feasible?

You mentioned thumb timing. Some bowler's actually are half thumbers, that may be an option.

During experimentation, fact finding, consider getting a light weight used ball if you may be changing grips.
A one time coach at ASU used the term "beater ball", that is a ball to drill and plug while fine tuning so to speak.

Oh yes, NO MATTER WHAT - always practice with a PAP marker on your ball (tape)
ALWAYS POST YOUR SHOT, hold your position at the foul line until the ball hits the PIT.

I'm not a doctor, so pardon the ad hoc laymans description here. I am making this up as I go. You may already be familiar and know more, but it's cyber pigeon ...
Fact finding -
Hold your arm out at 90 degrees with your palm facing the ceiling or sky.
Let's call that direction North. So the back of your hand is facing South.
So flicking a yo-yo is pretty much a North to South movement, like cupping an unzipping. The Eastern movement would be Radial deviation, the Western movement would be Ulner deviation. Cocking the wrist for a Frisbee throw involves the East West plane or West East depending on the throwing hand.

You mentioned training aides, that would be anything that supports, or positions the wrist. Definitely an option IF your wrist can be positioned. Supports are basically a frozen wrist position. There are multi positions that adjust tilt, and tilt is moving to or from the holes.

Another training aide, a mirror, self recording and review, a friend watching you and telling you what they see.


Stacy 44Boyd posted a video on an interesting device, see

viewtopic.php?f=6&t=14498&hilit=Wrist" onclick=";return false;

I think the ball track is basically tracing of how your fingers and thumb left the ball.

On TILT note time about 4:26 citing one way to roll over thumb and fingers.


Richard Schockley an ELITE coach a few videos regarding release.



Hope some of this helps. Take care.