Need help with swing alignment and footwork

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Need help with swing alignment and footwork

Post by TheoRocker247 »

I have posted in here before about my game. I did pretty well for a period of time, but after that I've been in the biggest slump of my career (2 years). I was hoping to get some feedback here on my game. I am very uncomfortable on the lanes. I used to post every shot and now my body is always fighting me when I bowl. I have tried squaring up to start but that only makes it worse for me. I am not a lanky guy, I have a bigger upper body build. I sometimes feel I am fighting getting my body out of the way. My wrist turns all sorts of whacky ways in my backswing, I have been trying to fix that for 2 years. Last time I posted on here, I asked about my pushaway and decelerating. I have had the hand turning issue since then as well. I need help on my form, footwork, and keeping my shoudler form over extending at the line. I kinda fall on my last step and drop with my back trail leg getting in the way (been trying to fix that since my hip surgery in 2016, no bueno). That is something I have tried to fix, even Jasnau said it could of been a symptom of the hip surgery. I had a lesson with him out in Vegas this past year and he told me my first few steps are too quick. I have tried slowing them down but when I do I super muscle my swing and decelerate more. There is no momentum going forward or knee continuation either. Please help! You guys helped me a ton last time.


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Re: Need help with swing alignment and footwork

Post by kajmk »

Theo, Maestro Jim Merrell instructor has retired from the forum.
Hopefully this will start the ball rolling with input from experienced Coachs.

I can only point out a few things I think might warrant a review.
Lacking experience I can't give you a full and detailed analysis and prescription.
That being said, I will mention a few things.
Keep in mind that there is more to coaching than passing a test, reading, books, viewing videos. There are inherent skills, that not all folks have. I'm lacking in many respects, thus I never coached, though I did pass tests, way back when.
Bowling needs instructors to groom coaching aspirants.
Tom Kouros cautioned would be instructors that before removing parts of a game, assure there is no other negative so as to offset the part you want to change, (2 negatives yielding a positive).

First on all, review Video Capture, as your rear view angle needs be adjusted. ... e_Coaching" onclick=";return false;

Things that raised my eyebrow on the back view.
Step one looks to be an exaggerated crossover step, try balance beam steps.
Example in the following

viewtopic.php?f=4&t=5639&p=44966&hilit=Kentucky#p44966" onclick=";return false;

On alignment
[youtube][/youtube]" onclick=";return false;

Your hand gets to the outside of the ball during the downswing, there are several disadvantages to that, losing leverage as it puts too much ball between your hand and body, losing ability to impart more productive hand motion.
On playing the inside of the ball. ... f_the_ball" onclick=";return false;

A quick glance would seem to indicate that strength is not an issue.

Short of having analysis tools, YouTube has playback settings wherein you can vary playback speed.

I'd advise any serious bowler to maintain a video archive of themself.
Use archives to compare and contrast. Other sports do that to help debug slumps, see what changed.

Note that if you were to work with a coach, that coach would see you roll more than 1 shot to observe consistency.
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