Please help us to upgrade our players

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Please help us to upgrade our players

Post by Kiani » July 3rd, 2019, 2:18 pm

Dear All

I hope that you are doing fine and well and wishing you the best.

Kindly note that it would be highly appreciated if you would advise me regarding the following player enabling him to upgrade.

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I thank you all in advance for your kind attention and effort.

Best regards

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Re: Please help us to upgrade our players

Post by kajmk » July 7th, 2019, 8:02 pm

Kiani, I will start the ball rolling in hopes that we get some input from experienced and active Coachs. I lack the Coachs eye for motion and experience of working with bowler's.
An experienced coach WILL have imagery of optimal motion ensconced in their mind.

The wiki article has an excellent analysis by Jim Merrell. I'd advise some screen prints noting the salient points and body position. YouTube has a playback setting has slow as 25%
Jim's video is TEXTBOOK quality!

Keep in mind these are my opinions.
A few things catch my eye.
I no special order of importance.
Also note, I'm not using a PC or I'd make an attempt to do some visual aides.

The most noticeable being that I think he disengages his left hand too soon.
His first step is too long.
His swing is too short, compare Belmo's right elbow, and where and when he releases the left hand.
Good mantra for ANY style is keep your head over the ball.
See Jim's reply and pictures of the young bowler.

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I wish I had the skill and ability to do a better job.
One of the things we lack is serious mentoring and grooming of Coachs, an apprentice system. Master to student teacher.

At any rate, these are my observations.
There are far better than myself here.
Good luck and thank you for keeping the sport alive and your helpful nature.
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