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 Post subject: Getting the itch back but my swing is bad
 Posted: Fri May 24, 2019 12:43 pm Post Number: #1 Post

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May consider getting back into the game. Investing in Mark Baker's "Game Changer" book gave me a little motivation. That being said my swing is very off from the last time I posted a video on here years ago. The swing slot is okay once I get into the swing (ball under head) but once I get to the top of the swing I'm not sure what I'm doing to cause it left of the slot.

Back view:

Side View:

I have an idea of what it could be but I'll let you guys give your perspective on it. It's not just the swing in my opinion either:
- Crossover step is too big
- Pivot step seems too far right

What else do you all see? Hope you all are doing well.

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 Post subject: Re: Getting the itch back but my swing is bad
 Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 2:32 am Post Number: #2 Post
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Good to hear that you’re giving it another go around.

Side view

Two observations:
1) Item one, your upper body is too vertical throughout the approach.
2) I don’t see sufficient forward tilt of the spine until the ball is long gone in S8.
3) In 4S the lack of forward tilt causes you to overuse the shoulder socket to reach the top of your swing.
4) Item two, once you reach the top of your swing in 4S ninety percent of your bodyweight should begin transferring to your slide foot. As you can see in 5S & 6S the majority of your weight is on the back foot. You will also see the effect of this when I review back view.
5) When your slide foot stops your shoulders are still very much open.
6) From this position you rotate your torso counterclockwise in an effort to square up the shoulders prior to release.
7) In 8S your body weight is now on the left foot and you have the forward body tilt you needed way back in 4S.

Back view
1) Let’s start with 6B.
2) As your downswing nears waist level you can see too much weight is on the right foot. The weight back does not allow you to move your trail leg left and your right thigh is in the path of your downswing.
3) The right thigh in the way and the fact that you rotate your shoulders counterclockwise results in the ball being too far away from your ankle in 8B.

The Swing & Slide Drill is going to be your best friend for these issues.Spend a lot of time doing the drill working on getting the weight to the slide foot.

Getting the weight onto the side foot will allow you to move your trailing leg left and create a path for the down swing.

In this drill you can also work on increasing your forward spine tilt. Use video for verification.

Once, you can accomplish these tasks doing the drill you can attempt too incorporate them in you full approach. Not before, it will be a waste of time.

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"Simplify the Motion.....Maximize the Results"

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