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Video Analysis, please

Post by seajaye » April 23rd, 2019, 12:53 am

Trying to get back into bowling after a hiatus. I saw a coach a bit ago to check out my game and my fundamentals seem pretty good, but curious what this forum thinks.

Rear view:

Side view:

Am already aware in the side video that I am not sliding up to the foul line. I've addressed this by moving up on the approach, and now slide to the foul line.

About me: I used to bowl 195-200 average when I first started, about 170 on Sport Shot. Fell off bowling for a bit because I was moving a lot and didn't have the time to dedicate to a league or anything. Started to get back into it, saw a coach, and trying to improve my game. Any and all feedback appreciated.

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Re: Video Analysis, please

Post by JMerrell » April 26th, 2019, 12:53 am

Side view
1) I’d start by moving the ball closer to your body at address. When it starts this far from the body it usually gets over extended. AS we see with yours in S3.
2) You also apply a cupped wrist early in your swing. This typically causes unwanted tension in the swing.
3) In S5 that cupped wrist restricts the height of your back swing even though you have a very aggressive forward tilt of the upper body. The angle between the upper body and arm should be at least 90 degrees. The cupped wrist inhibits this position.
4) In S6 the ball position is at your ankle when your slide foot stops. This does not allow any time to execute any type of wrist action through the ball. When the slide foot stops the ball should be positioned closer to the position of the red lines in S6. From there you could unload the wrist if it still cupped at that point. Can’t really tell in this video, need 240 fps to capture that.

Back view
1) Angle of video makes it hard to determine but your feet look positioned at or left of center. Eyes and release look close to second arrow. Which means your feet are too far left to release the ball to your intended target. More on this later.
2) In B5/B6 you can see the feet are moving the body to the right in order that you can roll the ball to your intended target. The slide foot still is too far left at the foul line, but the body will try to roll the ball to where the eyes are targeting, thus the reason the ball is too far from your ankle during the release. Need more lateral spine tilt right during release.

My suggestions:
1) Move your feet 2/3 boards further right at address when playing this line.
2) Get rid of all that early wrist cupping, just adding tension and restricting the back swing. Perhaps you can find someone that has an Iphone that has 240 fps capability. You will then see that the cupped wrist is not there at the release point.
3) Move the ball closer to your body at address and keep it there during your first step.
4) The position of the ball during your second step should look like that during the first step.
5) From there just let the arm unfold and swing the ball down and back…….do not lock the elbow as seen in S3.
6) Uncupping the wrist should allow the ball position to swing up above your shoulder in S5.
7) This additional swing distance up & down will give your slide foot more time to stop with the ball positioned further behind the ankle.

The comparison slide of you and these PWBA ladies show that none of them have a cupped wrist at the top of their swings. Matter of fact their hands are actually in a very weak position at the top. You have way more forward tilt of your upper body as well so there’s no reason your back swing shouldn’t be higher……….the cupping of the wrist is the culprit.
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