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2 hand analysis

Post by kbN » January 20th, 2019, 10:38 am

Hey Jim,

you have done an amazing job teaching many players the fundamentals of bowling. You also helped a bunch of guys getting to the next level. Due to different reasons I converted to a 2 handed style.


I really appreciate you help.

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Re: 2 hand analysis

Post by JMerrell » January 20th, 2019, 5:28 pm

kbN wrote:Hey Jim,
Due to different reasons I converted to a 2 handed style.
Welcome to the "Dark Side". Just kidding!

I have been contributing to this site for NINE years and the forums are full of people searching for advice on how to:
1) Get their hand on the inside of the ball
2) Work the inside of the ball
3) load and unload the hand
4) throw the ball like the Pro's

But want they really want and need is MORE rev rate.

And then there are those who quantify their lower Rev Rate by emphasizing that lane conditions / equipment should make accuracy the priority.

Rev Rate is intoxicating and drives enjoyment of the game at all levels.

Fastest way to more Rev Rate........the Two Handed approach!

Looks as though you've got a good start in developing your Two Handed Approach.

Side View Analysis:
1) Set-up at address looks good
2) The ball moves away from your body too soon creating too long of a first step and premature forward tilt of your upper body.
3) The early mechanical timing in slides 3 &4 are a result of the premature ball movement in previous slide.
4) All of the above contribute to the excessive forward spine tilt seen in slide 5.

Let's look at your positions compared to Jason's:
1) During his first step his upper body remains upright and the ball remains in it's starting position!

During your first step if you do not move the ball from it's starting position and keep the upper body upright your first step will shorten as a bonus without you making an effort to do so.

2) During your second step as the ball moves forward (keep your right elbow close to the body, this will control how far the ball moves away from your body and keep it above belt level. Look at Jason's position.

3) Now from slide 3 to 4 the only movement is the ball dropping to the bottom of the arc. Be patient, the tendency is to pull the ball down and up.

4) If you can accomplish this by the time you get to slide 4 your body position will look like Jason's and the rest to the approach will happen automatically.

Work on these small changes and post new video.
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