Track over fingers

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Track over fingers

Post by gutternut » November 14th, 2018, 10:09 pm

Ever since I transitioned from bowling with 2 fingers (single hand) to a traditional 3 finger my track has been pretty high and now I've noticed that there is some cracking around the right fingerhole (I'm a lefty)

Pro shop guy took a slo-mo video of my release and I noticed that my release is still a bit of a "side carry" and my arm is not completely straight until I push the ball away/ release.

Is it more my release or drilling or both? Is staying "behind the ball" the best advice?

When i focus on keeping my arm straight/ elbow locked out, I feel like I can't hold onto the ball comfortably.

I am trying to stay behind the ball in the video, normally my hand is more on the side of the ball.

My PSO and I have been working on changing my release. He noticed that on my swing that my arm was extended completely but once my arm follows through to the point of release my arm is slightly bent which makes it appear that I'm pushing the ball. He has tried to get me to keep my arm "locked out" or keep it straight, this is a bit difficult obviously since I'm so used to one way of doing it. I can't seem to keep my hand behind the ball when I do this and I feel as though I'm releasing the ball on top of it which gives me little to no hook.

PAP is 5 3/8" over by 1/8" down (seems like a weird one lol)

Here is a slo-mo from the side of my "normal" approach and release:

Here is a slo-mo of a coached approach and release, focus on keeping my arm straight throughout:

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Re: Track over fingers

Post by JMerrell » November 17th, 2018, 1:48 pm

Welcome to the site.
The video requirements for analysis were posted at the top of this forum page.

viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1163" onclick=";return false;

Your arm needs to straighten during ball placement and ball placement looks very controlled.
(these could be both be caused by grip issues or just you over controlling....this is a good example why we don't want slow motion video).
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