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Analysis Request Please

Posted: May 10th, 2018, 2:17 pm
by jvh42
I would like some help with my game, specifically swing direction as it seems to be where some of my problems arise and I'm sure there are others too. Thanks!!



Re: Analysis Request Please

Posted: May 12th, 2018, 2:53 pm
by JMerrell
Overall you exhibit athleticism in your physical game.

In S1 & B1 your feet, hips and shoulders appear to point towards the headpin on the lane to your left.

In other words, everything is too open to your intended line of play. (which looks to be close to 15 at arrows).

In S1 not much knee bend and no back angle at all.

The lack of forward back angle at address leads to no back angle in S3 during ball placement.

In S4 there is a lot of shoulder rotation as the ball moves into the backswing. Left shoulder out in front of the body, right shoulder back as well. This position usually leads to the swing moving behind the body.

In S6 as the slide foot stops the ball position is in a slightly delayed position (at left knee).

In B5 your left shoulder has already rotated behind your head, prefer to see the shoulder still outside the left ear at this point.

Looking at B5 – B7 the ball appears to be behind the head. Part of this is the camera angle. I like to take the video with the camera pointing down the intended target line. Camera here is pointed at the in deck.

From your address position, I’d draw a line to your target and align your feet, hips and upper body perpendicular to that line. You have a tendency to start out open to your target.
Flex the knees slightly and tilt your back forward at address. This should give you some back angle in S3 (red line).

From S3 to S4, I would like to see you swing the ball back without any additional shoulder movement.

Try to maintain the upper body position in S3 as the ball swings back. Swing the ball from a stationary left shoulder, not using the left shoulder to swing the ball back.

Take a video looking down your intended line of play, good chance the swing will look better to you.

Most of the people I encounter that swing the ball behind the back is because they tend to rotate the upper body too soon.