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 Post subject: Another son trying 2 handed
 Posted: Sat May 05, 2018 5:47 am Post Number: #1 Post
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Hello Jim
Thanks in advance for your time and effort.
another son is trying 2 handed and wanted me to post this for him. All he had from side was older view so I figure send older view from side (machine in the way) and back and include an updated back view (not too updated since he just started trying this). Hoping this will give you enough to see things.

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 Post subject: Re: Another son trying 2 handed
 Posted: Sat May 05, 2018 10:07 pm Post Number: #2 Post
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Hi Elga,
Took me awhile but here it is:
One of the hardest things for those changing from one-handed to two-handed is to forget what they thought they knew about bowling.
I’m going to use Jason B as his role model.

Back view:
1) He is standing in the vicinity of 25 targeting between the second & third arrow
2) Feet pointed too far right and right shoulder is way too low.
3) I can see the ball at address
4) Jason is standing near 15 and targeting in the same area as your son.
5) And I can’t see his ball!
6) Son’s first step is straight ahead, Jason’s is slightly left.
7) His lateral spine tilt is excessive on second step and ball position is too far right.
8) Jason’s lateral spine tilt has changed only slightly.
9) Most importantly at this point is that Jason’s ball position is still in front of his body!
10) His body posture in B3 causes the ball to start upward prematurely.
11) Notice how far right his head is of his right hip and the ball is way inside as well.
12) In B4, we are looking at your son’s side where as we can still see a lot of Jason’s back.
13) Jason’s ball is under the head and close to the right hip.
14) In B5, they both have the right arm bent.
15) Notice in B6 as the slide foot moves forward Jason’s right arm straightens before coming down.
16) Your son tends to bring the ball down with a bent right arm.

Side view:
1) Would like to see the ball positioned closer to the body, maybe a little high and keep it there through the first step.
2) In S3 the right elbow moves too far from body and his back-angle tilts forward too far because of this.
3) In S6 & S7 you can see how the ball is swung down while the right arm remains bent.
4) In S8 he sides through his release and the release is past the foot when it finally stops.

Game plan:
1) In S1 Jason is standing on 15, he is on 25 both playing to a similar target.
2) He needs to stand on 15 and target between the 2 & 3 arrow.
3) Copy Jason’s set-up position. (less shoulder tilt and position the feet similar as well, right toe only 1-2” behind the left).
4) Stand behind him and make sure he keeps the ball hidden in from of the body through his second step.
5) If he does this correctly, the brain will command him to walk left on three to avoid collusion as the swing move back.

To work on straightening the right arm before the downswing happens do this drill.

Position himself far enough from the foul line to allow with enough room for his slide.

With both hands on the ball swing the ball to the top then extend the arms away from the body as he begins his slide. This move should help straighten that right arm.

He could also practice this first without a ball.

He can also practice his approach without a ball, start on 15 and walk left targeting between the 2 & 3 arrow.

A lot of information here, I would definitely stress developing the footwork first.

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

"Simplify the Motion.....Maximize the Results"

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