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 Post subject: Analysis request for teammate
 Posted: Fri Apr 27, 2018 3:42 pm Post Number: #1 Post

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Looking to get advice for a teammate who is looking to take game to next level. Currently ~215 house shot average bowler looking to start bowling tournaments on harder patterns.

His biggest concern is how far left the ball gets at the top of the back swing. He has attempted to get the ball more inline with his head, but it resulted in a severely pulled shot and/or hitting his ankle at release. Analysis/recommendation appreciated!!

Couldn't get youtube upload to work this morning... Hopefully vimeo is OK.

Back View

Side View

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 Post subject: Re: Analysis request for teammate
 Posted: Sat Apr 28, 2018 4:36 pm Post Number: #2 Post
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Swing left of the head at the top

Let’s start with his address set-up issues:
1) Right foot dropped back too far
2) Shoulders set too far open
3) Very little forward spine tilt

The right foot toe line only needs to be an inch behind the left foot toe line at address.

Starting with the shoulders this open contribute some to a swing too far left at the top.

After repositioning his feet set the shoulders parallel to the hip line.

Upper body and lower body should now be better aligned with his intended line of play.

Add 10/15 degrees forward back tilt at address.

From the open shoulder position in S4, he continues to rotate the shoulders around the lower body as his swing travels upward. This move is his major contributor to the swing going left at the top.

This is a tough one to try and explain verbally, much easier in person.

Have him assume body position in S3 with no ball at first.

Then take his next two steps swinging the arm to the top WITHOUT ANY ADDITIONAL UPPER BODY ROTATION.

We do not want to see the writing on his chest as seen in S5.

Now the swing may not get as high as it currently does, but this is okay.
The goal is to reduce the swing going behind the head at the top.

Do as many repetitions necessary to get the swing in the proper place.

Now he can practice with a ball…….same motions as above.

It will be more difficult with a ball because he’s used to rotating the shoulders to get the ball to the top.

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