Help with my Son's game
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Author:  RobCarne [ Sat Apr 21, 2018 9:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Help with my Son's game

Hopefully you guys can help me get him in time and body angle. Can't seem to keep the ball to the right.

Author:  JJakobsen [ Mon Apr 23, 2018 8:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Help with my Son's game

Okay, steps first:

These 3 channels to guide him, use tape on the approach if you are allowed to do so. Ignore the lengths, those are for an adult friend of mine.

Body angle is created by the steps if done correctly, unless you got some real deep habits there, but he is so young still. The crossover step and trying to keep the ball in the rightmost channel at all times will start tocreate that sideways angle, and the 3rd step which is further to the left will tilt the body where you'd want it. I am not entirely sure about forward tilt though, to be honest. I'll let the pros handle that here ;)

Timing is ten times easier with proper steps. His pushaway is odd, and he seems to almost run down the approach. You'd want to have nothing happen the first step, second step you want to push away and release when the second step is planted on the approach. On your way to the third step, both legs meet, and the ball should also meet at the exact same location (straight down). Slide step timing, when you plant your slide foot to start the slide, the ball should be straight back, as in parallell with the approach.

Thats what I know, now the pros can come and polish what I said ;)

Author:  JMerrell [ Mon Apr 23, 2018 9:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Help with my Son's game

Timing Side View
1) Timing at the end of step 2 looks good. Note how the right elbow is close to the front of the right hip.
2) From step 2 to 3 is where his timing issues start. Instead of allowing the ball to arc downward (green lines) he extends the ball way too far from the body locking the right elbow in the process.
3) In S6 the ball position should be closer to that represented by the green lines. A position I refer to as neutral.
4) His ball position in S6 is ahead of neutral.
5) Because of his current timing in S6, in S9 his slide foot has stopped but the ball position is very late. This requires overuse of the upper body to bring the swing down into the release area.

Back View
1) In B3 as the second step goes straight ahead and the ball is still in front of the body. The swing cannot clear the body and works around the body going back in B5.
2) Clears the right hip so that the swing can stay under the shoulder.
3) In B7 his slide foot has stopped, swing is very late and the upper body is open to the target line.
4) In B8 you can see he has overworked the shoulders to bring the ball into the release area.

Ball to the right
1) His starting position on the approach is too far left. I’d move his feet about 7 boards right and target the second arrow.

1) Start with the ball closer to the body at address and keep it there through the first step.
2) Step 2 needs to go in front of the first step.
3) From step 2 to 3 allow the ball to arc downward…….do no extend it outward.
4) This move should get the ball closer to the bottom of the arc at the completion of the third step.

Work on these things send us an updated video.

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