Back and side footages for your critiques

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Back and side footages for your critiques

Post by Augustblade » April 1st, 2018, 12:47 am

Hi coaches! This is Eric from Purdue University.
I started bowling about three months ago. I weigh 130 pounds and my arm isn't strong enough. With a 10 lbs Columbus 300 scout, I average about 110-120. (my height is 5'10.9" in case you need it). I am taking a bowling class in the university and my instructor is Mr. Doug Wiedman. I bowl at least 5 days per week and around 10 games when I'm there. I know 10 lb ball is too light, I'm thinking of getting a 13 lb ball when my arm gets stronger. My wrist really hurts recently.
There are problems in my releases for sure since I don't get much revs or hooks. The cause may be my release position and gripping problem. Here are the back view footage and side view footage I recorded today.
I'm sorry the back view isn't close enough (I recorded this one myself). There are some other back footages in my channel.


I'm not sure if I still have gripping problem. I watched Norm Duke's tutorial video and he mentioned if you hang the ball down and you lift the index finger just a bit, the ball should fall. When I do that, the ball won't fall, it grabs on my fingers. I constantly have broken blood vessel under thumb nail.


Any help will be much appreciated!

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Re: Back and side footages for your critiques

Post by kajmk » April 1st, 2018, 4:09 pm

Welcome to the forum Eric.

Have your hand analysed and grip assessed (how the ball is drilled), by an IBPSIA certified technician at a pro shop


I suggest you invite your instructor to this forum for his perusal and participation.
Your size and strength are not the primary reasons for your struggles.

The videos I'm recommending will provide you with some important WHYS and HOWS
When you watch and listen, be ready to also view your videos, you will immediately see several areas of concern. The information provided by these videos will benefit you and clarify some key issues. I feel that it is extremely important you understand the reasoning behind the methods.

Also, take note of Jim Merrell's guidelines for creating video. ... e_Coaching" onclick=";return false;
Get in the habit of maintaining a video library of yourself.
Keep this for comparison of yourself as you progress and use it as a tool to develop and debug problems.
When you study yourself, take a series of videos, for example 10 shots so that you get a larger sampling set.

There is a lot of valuable information here.

The first two videos are parts of a presentation by ETBF
The entire video is available via a link on the wiki.
Start with what you see here.



This is a set of videos by Kegel ... ence_video" onclick=";return false;

Paraphrasing coach Mark Baker, "the release is like the center of a jigsaw puzzle. We do not start putting together a puzzle from the middle outwards. Fixing things like the walk and approach will automatically in many cases enable better things to happen".

Your size, can be a tremendous asset, as it will force you to become technically proficient, using anatomy in an optimal fashion.
Marshall Holman, Pete Weber, Ameltto Monaceli, Norm Duke, many women bowler's are not big and strong, they are athletic, fit, flexible.

Focus on process and goal oriented practice, do not keep score during practice.
Spares, lose tournaments, become an excellent spare shooter.

Believe in yourself and persevere. Have fun.
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Re: Back and side footages for your critiques

Post by TonyPR » April 2nd, 2018, 5:44 am

Welcome to BowlingChat. You seem very fluid and your technique does not look bad for a 3 month bowler. In this sport dedication is key and practicing 5 days a week 10 games each shows your dedication. You say strength and fit is an issue. Have you considered not using your thumb and bowling two handed? You are just learning so you could easily learn this technique from the beginning plus holding a ball with two hands is easier than with one, you could probably easily bowl with 13lbs and maybe even more by bowling two handed although my recommendation would be to first learn the technique with your 10 lbs ball.

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Re: Back and side footages for your critiques

Post by JJakobsen » April 5th, 2018, 4:14 pm

I gotta admit, the side view, it looks rather good! If you are only 3 months in, good job by you and your coach if you have any!

If you struggle with 10 pounds, I wonder if your fit is where it should? I struggle more with a 10p house ball with too large holes (I got small hands), than with my 14p and 15p balls drilled to my specs. You also said you had issues with blood under your thumb nail, which further strengthens this thought in my head! Ask your PSO to take a look at it, or get a second opinion. A bad fit can literally destroy your hand if it isn't caught in time, and that is no fun! Its hard enough to hit the pins pain-free, you don't want that on top of lane conditions, balls and all the other factors.
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