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 Post subject: Update for my Son.
 Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 5:23 pm Post Number: #1 Post
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Month and 1/2 of practice working on what you suggested.
Drills he used :
1 step drill
foul line drill
Practicing taking 1 step and hold to get the weight on the first step
Still working on changing his first step from a step to more of a slide step.
Took away the Robys, and us a more genaric Mongoose brace.

-What board is he starting at and on what board is he sliding? Make sure the he slides at or left from the board he starts his approach on. Example, if he starts on 20 his slide should be somewhere between 20-25 consistently.

Were working on the footwork still.. he has a tendency to "dive" back with his slide. His first couple steps are ok, but then gets out of whack. The Mongoose is more mental.. I just dont tell him that.. it provides no support even if you completely break the wrist down. the rest of the winter/spring in the gym ( and we do start baseball here soon as in next week) and the wrist device will be gone.





** UPDATED STATS AS OF 6-06-14 **
Right Hand
PAP 4 1/2-> 3/4 up
ROTATION 20 - 30
TILT 11.5*
RPM 350-375 Raven Attack

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 Post subject: Re: Update for my Son.
 Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 6:16 pm Post Number: #2 Post
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Looking better!

-What board is he starting at and on what board is he sliding? Make sure the he slides at or left from the board he starts his approach on. Example, if he starts on 20 his slide should be somewhere between 20-25 consistently.
-There's no need to start with the knees so flexed, he will need to flex on his power step to push off the approach but if he is that low from the beginning he's got nowhere to go on his power step. At address use the rule of "some". How much should he flex the knees? Some. Athletic position with a bit more weight in the front of the feet than on the heels.
-Lose the wrist device unless he has a medical condition that requires him to use it, go lighter with the ball if needed. If he just wants to bowl for fun it's ok but if he aspires to bowl competitively in college I need to be blunt, he has no chance with a wrist device. He should learn to roll the ball, the wrist device promotes hitting up on the ball and that will create inconsistencies and limit his release versatility which is necessary in today's level of competition. He is at a good age to learn a modern powerful release.

Good to see dedication, cross training in other sports will help a lot and will also be lots of fun. Going to the batting cage and the golf driving range are excellent activities.

Keep us posted.

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 Post subject: Re: Update for my Son.
 Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 7:00 pm Post Number: #3 Post
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Per request from scotts33 of the chat family I will address what I see in the updated video.

In the Certified Coaching Forum there are 50 members that meet the criteria to comment in this forum.

If all fifty responded to each analysis request more than likely you could have fifty different opinions on items to address/change.

In the original request, the poster gave his opinions on items in the video that concerned him. Several members addressed these items.

I typically address items that I feel are liabilities in the physical game that I would work on in a one-on-one lesson.

In my original evaluation, I stated that during his first step there was not enough transfer of body weight forward. I provided a solution as to how to correct this issue.

Updated video analysis: I still see this as an issue in the updated video.
C = current

1) After moving into his address position, he then bends his knees too much in C3 prior to staring his approach.
2) In C4 there is still too much weight remaining back on the right foot and the ball has moved prematurely away from the body as well.

S = suggested
1) After moving into his address position, only a small of knee flex is then required to assume an athletic posture. See S3 versus C3.
2) In C3 the red circle is an approximation of his center of gravity (just below the navel). In C4 the combination of too much knee flex at address and not moving his body mass forward during the first step shows that the C/G is still to far back near the right foot in C4.
3) Assuming he has practiced & can achieve the body position shown in S3, to get to S4 requires simply taking a step forward while keeping the ball positioned close to the upper body.

Often in regards to coaching, it’s easy to get too involved with what we feel the body should be doing instead of allowing natural movement of the human body to happen.

The body wasn’t designed to have a weighted object being swung on one side as it moves.

That’s why I tend to build a solid game from the ground up and then add a swing that will work within the natural movement of the body.

1) Assume the address position shown in S3 without a bowling ball, place his hands on the hips with the elbows pointing away from the body.
2) Not walk through the entire approach, sliding at the end while keeping the hands on the hips.

Spend some time practicing this and then show him a video of this motion.

I think you’ll find that he will now be on the way to developing a solid physical game.

I’d even like to see you post a video of him performing this drill.

The other item I discussed in my original analysis was the motion of his trailing leg.
the trailing leg should move forward and to the left of the slide knee. The trailing leg should not be swung in a clockwise circular motion to his left.

Perhaps this video of the motion of the trailing leg will help:
The word Some is used in this video as an exact position is not required to achieve proper motion.

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

"Simplify the Motion.....Maximize the Results"

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